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Recording High Quality Live Room Audio

Most artists don't put a lot of thought into the sound of their recordings. It's not uncommon to see a musician performing in a basement with their own sound system, or even worse: performing in a field with a cheap camera microphone. But there's a big difference between a professional recording and amateur recording. It's like comparing a DSLR camera to a cell phone camera. Anyone can take a decent picture with a cell phone, but a professional photographer can take a picture that's worth a million words. The same goes with music. Anyone can record a song on their cell phone, but a professional recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio can take a song to the next level.

Live Instrument Recording

For many musicians, the recording process is a separate entity from actually performing. It requires a whole new skill set and knowledge base. There is a reason why so many bands never get past the local club scene. It's because they're not competent enough musicians to build a following, and they don't have the knowledge base to properly record their music. This can be a huge problem for new bands, but there are ways around this. We'll show you how to take your live instrument or vocals and make them sound professional. This is something that's not always possible at home. We'll discuss how to properly record your tracks, what to do when you can't afford a studio, and how to mix & master your music.

Record Live Band Peformance

Recording with a live band can be a lot of fun. It's also important to be able to capture your band's sound in a studio recording. If you feel that your sound is lacking something, speak to someone about a studio recording! It's important to get the best studio to record in, because the quality of the recording is vital to how successful your album will be. For a great sound, you need to be in a great studio. It's important to enjoy the recording process, because it can be quite stressful! But, if you have the right band and a good studio, you shouldn't have any problems producing music that you're proud of.


Create your next masterpiece in our state-of-the-art recording studio. We offer a premium experience when it comes to recording your music with us.