Artist Development

Connecting the dots in the music industry: We can connect you with the right people in the industry and help produce your music. We want to be the gateway for new artists, where our system and team can help you find the right people in the music industry to help you improve your career and connect you with the right opportunities.

Artist Management

Produce high quality music in our Cleveland recording studio to help your career. Arts not Dead are a team of music producers and musicians who offer songwriting and producing services for musicians. Whether you need help writing lyrics, producing your track, booking shows, or getting your music out there, Arts not Dead will work with you to produce high-quality marketable content to help your music career.

Artist Development Services

Music Career Help

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We have a professional Artist Manager with a proven record of generating sales & fans: Arts not Dead is a growth service for independent artists. Arts not Dead seeks to manage the creative careers of rising stars and well-known talented individuals by providing a comprehensive range of products and services for artists.

You need a manager to help you acquire new opportunities, increase your fan base and maximize your revenue. A manager handles business affairs and logistics for the artist to free up time for them to focus on their craft.


Create your next masterpiece in our state-of-the-art recording studio. We offer a premium experience when it comes to recording your music with us.